The Future

The population of Regina has almost doubled since the existing Central Library was built back in 1962 - 50 years ago.  RPL has used a 25-year planning horizon to determine the growing collection and facility needs of a Central Library.

It quickly becomes evident that RPL's Central Library has outgrown its existing building.  Its collection of books, magazines, newspapers, videos, CDs, and DVDs has grown considerably over the last 50 years.  More public space is required for reading areas, computers, programming and meeting rooms to accommodate Regina's growing population.

Approximately 150,000 square feet is needed to operate an efficient and effective Central Library.  The current space is only 75,000 square feet and only minor changes have been made to the facility since its initial construction.  Most of the building systems and equipment have not been upgraded.  Much of the useful life of the equipment has been exceeded.