Central Library Development Reports

The people of Regina place tremendous value on the library system, and they see the Central Library as a vital public institution that is important to the city’s future.

This was one of the primary findings in a report submitted to the Regina Public Library Board of Directors by DIALOG, a consulting firm contracted to gather public input on the future of the Central Library. The report was received by the RPL Board of Directors at its regular public meeting on Tuesday, March 24.

“We’re pleased to receive DIALOG’s final report on the opinions and ideas of Regina citizens,” Darryl Lucke, Chair of the RPL Board of Directors, said. “Approximately 2,000 people from across the city of Regina provided input into the DIALOG engagement process, which provides us with an excellent cross-section of opinions about the Central Library and the community’s needs for the future.”

The report is the outcome of work completed by DIALOG from June through September of 2014, when it engaged Regina citizens and asked them to provide input on the future of the Central Library.


A second report regarding an assessment of the Central Library building was also received yesterday by the Board. That report, submitted by Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd., offers short-, medium- and long-term strategies for maintenance, repair and building systems replacement.


“Both reports will help inform the Board’s decision making about the future of the Central Library building,” Lucke said. “We know something needs to be done with the Central Library, and these reports will help us determine exactly what our next steps should be.”

A decision regarding the Central Library will be made by the RPL Board in the months ahead.