Central Library Reports

Note: The information in this section focused on the possiblity of purchasing more land for redevelopment. That opportunity has passed, but the RPL Board continues to examine other options. Components of these studies were dynamic and can be adjusted and incorporated into future architectural plans for Regina Public Library’s new Central Library.

The RPL Board of Directors has commissioned a variety of reports from consulting and architectural firms to help inform its decision-making on the future of Central Library.

DIALOG Community Engagement Report - 2015

Contracted in 2014, consulting firm DIALOG engaged Regina citizens and gathered public input on Central Library’s future. 
DIALOG found that Regina places tremendous value on libraries and sees Central Library as a vital public institution that is important to the city’s future.

Group2 Building Assessment Report - 2015

Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd. was also contracted in 2014 to assess the Central Library building and recommend multiple strategies for maintenance, repair, and building systems replacement.

P3A Building Assessment Summary - 2012

First prepared in 2009, this report was updated in 2012 to reflect RPL’s technical and functional requirements, and reviews issues tied to building re-use. 
Prepared by Resource Planning Group, it includes contributions from P3A, JC Kenyon Engineering, MacPherson Engineering, Ritenburg and Associates and Resource Planning Group.

Central Library Development Plan – 2010

In 2009 RPL commissioned a development plan for Central Library. It identified RPL’s requirements for the proposed Central Library, beginning with its strategic directions, and ending with physical planning concepts.
The consulting team included representatives from P3 Architects, Nick Milkovich Architects Inc., Resource Planning Group Inc. (RPG), and Harvard Developments Inc.
RPL applied for P3 Canada Funding to support the project, but changing federal priorities led to library’s withdrawal from the P3 Canada process.

RPL Development Feasibility Study - 2011

Created by P3 Architecture and Harvard Developments in 2011, The Regina Public Library/Regina Cultural Centre Feasibility Report includes information about the need for a new Central Library, the overall vision of the project and proposed design information.

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