Central Library Renewal

Welcome to RPL’s Central Library renewal website.

Regina’s Central Library has been part of downtown for over 100 years, providing countless individuals, families, and children with fond memories and appreciation for the library. 

We’re proud of what we bring to our community and our customers: we are growing and successful. But we can’t meet current and expected need without more resources and space.

We want to be part of an exciting downtown that attracts people and makes everyone proud to live here. We want to make the community feel like Central Library is their heart and their home.  


Needs Assessment and Project Plan

Central Library renewal has been a project and key area of interest for the RPL Board of Directors for a number of years. Throughout that time, the Board has undertaken many studies of the current building. They have also engaged the public to learn about what the people of Regina think about Central Library renewal.

  • These studies are available on the Reports page.

In 2019, the Board engaged Colliers Project Leaders as its “Owner’s Representative” to support Central Library renewal. Colliers was asked to develop a business case to help inform the Board in its decision making.

The Needs Assessment and Project Plan (NAPP) is based primarily on:

  • data and information developed and provided by Colliers and KPMG;
  • the public consultations and what our community has told us about Central Library renewal; and
  • an extensive review of the assessments and studies done over the years on the current building.

The NAPP compiles this and other relevant information to offer the Board options to renew Central Library. 


Stakeholder Engagement Summary

Following development of the Needs Assessment and Project Plan in 2020, RPL identified the need to engage with stakeholders to gauge impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on overall support for the project.

Interviews with 26 individuals from 19 organizations in Regina were collected to determine stakeholder perception of the project in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

Results of the interviews revealed that stakeholders continue to support Central Library Development, and that the pandemic has strengthened the need for investment.


Central Library Polling Report

The most recent work to support the Board’s decision making was undertaken in spring 2021 when Insightrix Research Inc. conducted a telephone and online polling survey to gather feedback about Central Library renewal from the Regina community. Results of the survey are available below.


Next steps

The RPL Board of Directors’ Strategic Planning Committee has reviewed the NAPP and discussed it and its ramifications at length. After lengthy and careful consideration, they are recommending that the Board build a new Central Library building on the current site at 12th and Lorne St.

The decision will be brought before the Board at its September 27 board meeting. Following a decision, the Board will initiate work to start planning the project. Through the library’s Request for Proposals (RFP) process, a design consultant will be procured to help with the planning. This phase of the project will take one or two years and will involve extensive public consultation on a new build.


City of Regina Catalyst Committee

RPL is pleased to participate on the Catalyst Committee. We are excited about the opportunities the committee will be reviewing and look forward to its recommendations on priority builds.

We are happy to participate in the Committee’s public consultation process and look forward to the additional information we can gather through that process.